Landmines explosion on Burma- Bangladesh border

Maungdaw, Arakan State: One Rohingya died and four others were seriously injured in landmines explosion on Burma-Bangladesh border on April 5, said a close relative of a victim who did not say his name.
The explosion was occurred on April 5 at the morning near the border pillar No. 61 of Burma – Bangladesh border while the Rohingya villagers were working for fencing there. Some Rohingya villagers were recruited by army from Maungdaw north to work in border fence construction by paying a good supporting, the relative more added.

The victims in the event had been identified as—-Tayub (45) was dead; and Mohibullah (24); Mohamed Rofique (22); Shomshu Alam (26); Mohamed Jubair (20) were seriously injured,  Rakib, a village elder from the area.

The injured 4-villager was brought to Buthidaung Army Operation Command headquarters where they have been taking proper medical treatment with the help of Buthidaung general hospital. They were also interrogated by an army officer that came to Army headquarters from Sittwe (Akyab), said an army aide from Buthidaung Town.

The dead body of Tayub (45) was brought to his village Garata Bill (Padakah Daiwahnahli)) of Maungdaw north from Buthidaung Township and later buried in his village cemetery in the evening, Anwer,a family member of Tayub said.

Some villagers believe that the explosion was caused by planting landmines by Arakan Army (AA) or by an accident of Burmese Armies’ planted landmines explosion, said Hasu Meah, an ex-schoolteacher from Maungdaw Town.

Ahmed Hussin, a villager near the area said, “The event is occurred by planting of bombs by Arakan Army (AA) where Rohingya villagers are working for border fence.”

The real information will not be available until and unless the injured villagers are released. The event was only known to army and injured villagers as the area is an isolated and in the deep forest, said  Jalil, a youth from the locality.

Burmese Army planted landmines on Burma-Bangladesh border accompanied by border fence construction since last year though the Bangladesh side gave objection to the counterpart of Burma about planting landmines, violating the border agreement. They also continue ignoring concerns expressed by the Bangladesh counterpart.

Burmese government had planned landmines on the border areas some 12 years back that caused deaths of many Bangladeshi villagers and also killed wild animals like elephants, said  Kamal,a Bangladeshi villager who lives at Bandarban District.

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