The Etymology of Magh

By Aman Ullah

Mohan Ghosh wrote in his book ‘Magh Raiders of Bengal’ that, “In 8th century under the Hindu revivalist leader, Sankaracharijya, Buddhists in India were persecuted in large-scale. In Magadah, old Bihar of India, Buddhists were so ruthlessly oppressed by chauvinist Hindus and rival Mahayana sect of Buddhists that large numbers of Hinayana Buddhists had been compelled to flee eastward who ultimately found shelter in Arakan under the Chandra kings.” These Buddhist immigrants assumed the name Magh as they have migrated from Magadah.
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Maungdaw police officer extorts money for neighbor’s verbal quarrel

Kyaw Aye Hlaing, officer in charge of Maungdaw police station extorted 700000 kyats from two neighbor living in Bomu village under block number 2 of Maungdaw said Halim, a human rights watch dog from Maungdaw.
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Village admin officer blocks family list checking process

Yousuf, the block number 2, admin officer, from Maungdaw township, blocked the processing of family list checking to more than 100 families – person travel to Rangoon for medical and person released from jail and asking hug amount of money to process recently, said Halim, a Human rights watchdog from Maungdaw.
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Army raid a Rohingya computer shop for money

A group of army personnel from Alay Than Kyaw raided a computer shop and seized a computer, two smart mobile phones and segregate some mobile related goods from a Rohingya owned computer shop on April 15, Mohin, Rohingya activities from Maungdaw.
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House fires kill two and two seriously injure in Maungdaw

Two young boys were killed and another two boys were seriously injured in house fires on April 10 at Pawet Chaung (Faul Khali) village under Thet Chaung (Balu Khali) village tract, Maungdaw, said Rashid, a local elder from the village.
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