Police disallows aids to Rohingya refugee in Bangladesh-Burma border

Police personnel from Inani outpost disallowed humanitarian aids distribution to Rohingya living in the local area of Ukhiya police station on March 28, said Salay from Ukhiya.On being tipped off, a group of police personnel went to the Suwankhali village under the Ukhiya police station, arrested three Bangladeshi aids workers along with humanitarian aids while they were distributing to Rohingya, according to police officials.

According to police official, the three Bangladeshi aids workers are: – Bishop Dilip Adhikari, son of Nobee Adhikari, Vikas Mandal, son of Bimal Mandal and Shankar Das, son of Bandu Das, they all are from Dhaka and building No. 1212 under the district of Bhathara new markets.

Police seized humanitarian aids items are — some Burmese books, 30 sacks of rice, 30 bags of pulses (Dal), 30 bags of glutinous rice flakes (Sira), 300 kilos of potatoes, 150 kilos of salts, 60- liter of edible oils and 5 sacks of blankets, said Ikaram Hussain, the police officer of Inani outpost said.

Mohammad Habibur Rahaman, Officer-in-Charge of Ukhiya police station said, police arrested the aids workers due to distributing aids among the illegal entered Rohingyas who are living in local areas.

However, police had filed  a case against them with this connection, Habibur Rahaman said.

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