A refugee kills for domestic violation in Kutupalong refugee camp

Abul Baser (40), son of Oli Ahmed, Block-E of Kutupalong makeshift camp tried to settle a domestic violation, was stabbed to death by a family headman on March 27 at 8:00pm, said Jaffar, a refugee leader from the camp.
The domestic violation was occurred in the family of Syed Kasim and his wife where the Syed Kasim was beating his wife severely and his wife was cried and asked for help from the neighboring refugees, Jaffar  more said.

Abul Baser and other two refugees immediately rushed to the spot and rescued Kasim’s wife from beating and tried to settle the domestic violation of Syed Kasim and his wife. As a result, Kasim became furious and upset, so he stabbed to Baser with a knife and getting serious injury, said Hafez Ahmed, a refugee elder from the camp.

However, he was immediately sent to MSF clinic for treatment. Later on, doctor declared, he has passed away.

But, the family headman managed to flee from the Kutupalong makeshift, according to refugees.

In Kutupalong makeshift camp, refugees have been living in the camp without any support of UNHCR and Bangladesh authority, Ahmed, a refugee from the Kutupalong makeshift camp said

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