Villagers face difficult on family list checking process in Maungdaw

Rohingya villagers from different areas faced several kinds of problem while they went to check family lists processing in Maungdaw recently, said Halim, a human rights watchdog from Maungdaw.
The Rohingya villagers faced most difficult one is not enlisting their new born babies in their family lists. The next problem is to enlist their daughter-in-law, need huge amount of money for it and another problem is not getting their family list on time as the in charge immigration officers is going around the town with vehicle and not signing the documents for more than one week, Halim added.

The officer has three informers and waiting for information from them about any household had problems – going foreign counties, without permission married- which give him money, said Halim more added. “The three informers are; – two nephews of U Hla Tin hailed from 4 miles (Block # 6) and Rafique from block # 5.”

In Maungdaw municipal areas, the family checking processing is going on March , 2016, but the processing is different systems and not same in each block. Some block processed less money taking, some more depending on block admin officers, said Rashid, a village admin office member from Maungdaw.

In Block # 2, admin officer – Yousuf – charged kyat 10000 per family who wish to check the family list processing which happen only this block and no other block. The money was collecting by Ayub and Hamid who are working for Block admin officer Yousuf, Rashid added.

The block admin officer Yousuf charged 30000 kyats for enlisting a daughter-in- law in the family list. No new born was enlisted.  Removing from list for dead person, going to foreign countries and etc.. need to pay 5000 kyats to 10,000kyats depend on the family status, said Amin Ullah, from the block.

Similarly, other areas in Maungdaw, the immigration officers are charging Kyats 5000 kyats to 7000 kyats per baby for taking list to enlist later and summit to their office, Haroon, an elder from Maungdaw north.

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