Drug carrier 15 year jailed, drug distributor free in Maungdaw

Maungdaw court sentenced a drug carrier to long term jail but the drug lord or distributor was free recently, according Halim, a human rights watchdog from Maungdaw.
Nur Alam hailed from block # 5, under Maungdaw was arrested with 3000 Yaba tablets at Burma border guard police headquarters gate on February last week, he confessed in front of law enforcement as carrier and  told the drug belong to Abu Bawkar Siddique alias Raza Min Latt son of Abdul Talib, hailed from block # 1, Halim added.

Burma border guard police (BGP) did not take any action against Abu Bawkar Siddique, but filed a case against Nur Alam as a drug trafficking and produced to the court where the court sentenced 15 years jail term, Halim More added.

Abu Bawkar Siddique owned a brick kiln in Nwah Yon Taung (Hor O Dil) near BGP Headquarters, which was also join owner by a BGP officers, said Nawzu Meah, an elder from Hor o dil.

The BGP officer giving him undercover for its business – drugs and brick. Abu Bawkar Siddique supply his drug- Yaba tablets- to Maungdaw north through brick supply truck, Nawzu Meah added.

Abu Bawkar Siddique is showing as a businessman – trading and bricklayer in the town, but he had connection most of the officers from Maungdaw for drug trafficking business, said Ahmed, a drug addict from Maungdaw.

We are used to carry the drug from one place to another, when we were arrested the distributors left us to face the lawsuit. The drug distributors are staying in their home peacefully as all the high level officers are with them, Ahmed more added.

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