Village admin officers extort money from house repaired villagers

Village admin officers of different areas are extorting money from house repaired villagers in Maungdaw south recently, according to Ahmed, a local elder from the area.  Village admin officers of Khonzabill village, Udaung, Gorakhali and etc, are extorting 30000 kyat from a repaired house , he added.

According to villagers, hundreds of houses were demolished by the tropical storm “Komen” last year 2015 in Arakan State, Burma.

“The concerned authorities haven’t give us permission to build new houses. If we want to build houses, we should give huge money to the concerned authorities to get permission”, the villagers more added.

Kala Meah, another villager said, “I am a daily laborer, need to repair my house and also to pay Kyat 30,000 to village admin officer. Where I will get this amount money to pay village admin officer?”

However, every villager should build and repair houses as the next coming rainy season. They (Rohingya) urge the concerned authority to give permission to build houses, Anwer, a student from Maungdaw south.

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