Wild elephant ransacks refugee camp: injure one and destroy three shacks

One refugee was seriously injured and destroyed three shacks including one basic learning center while a wild elephant entered into Kutupalong unregistered Rohingya refugee camp and ransacked the camp on March 7 at about 10:30pm, according to camp committee.
The elephant entered from east side of camp and went toward the west after crossed the camp, the camp committee said. “May be the elephant come from Burma.”

The refugee elders and teenagers were playing in the camp with noisy while the elephant entered into camp, the elephant met two refugees pumping the tube wall for water where the elephant held a refugee with trunk and through him, another refugee escaped from seen and screamed for help, said Hamid, an elder from the camp.

After hearing the scream, refugees rushed to the spot and shout loudly to leave the elephant the area, but the elephant become angry and left the area and ransacked the camp where three shacks were destroyed including a basic learning center from block #  B 2, said Anwer, a religious teacher from the camp.

The injured refugee is Monu (35), Block # B 1 from camp and sent to the hospital of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International (Holland), but the MSF sent him again to Chittagong medical collage hospital after seeing his condition, Rafique, a close friend of victim.

Wild elephants entered camp before frequently where they killed refugees and destroyed refugees’ shacks, but it not happens since last five years, said the camp committee.

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