Veterinarians extort money from Farmers

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Two veterinarians extorted money from Rohingya farmers in Maungdaw north after giving false promises – would give injections to the cows/ buffalos to prevent from diseases, on February 9, according to Noman, a local elder from the village.   Two veterinarians from Maungdaw agriculture office went to the Maung Nama village on February 9 in the morning, asked the villagers to pay Kyat 1,000 per head for injection to the domestic cows, Noman more added.

Villagers were forced to pay the money to veterinarians; otherwise, the villagers were threatened to arrest by BGP (Burma-Border Guard Police), said Dalilrul Rahaman, a businessman from the areas.

But, the two veterinarians did not inject to any domestic animals, only took away Kyat 1,000 per head from the cow owners, Rahaman more said.

A villager named Shaker said that the two doctors would get a lot of money as the village has 500 houses and have 2 to 4 cows in every house.

The villagers were compelled to pay the money without giving any injection to their domestic animals. If   anyone complain to the higher officer of Maungdaw, the officers didn’t take anyactions against the two veterinarians, said Haroon, a teacher from the locality

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