High level flag meeting held at Bangladesh-Burma border

Battalions Commander level flag meeting was held between Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) on February 18 at friendship bridge of Gumdum- Taungbro border (Bangladesh-Burma border) under the Naikonchari, Bandarban district, Mohammed, a local businessman from border said.
The both sides officers discussed various issues in the meeting such as— to stop Yaba smuggling and to take action against the Yaba businessmen, to stop human trafficking and to prevent Rohingyas’ entering the Bangladesh, he more added.

During the meeting, BGB delegation asked about the two Bangladeshis who were brought to Burma from the pillar numbers 47-48 on December 14-15, 2015 after shooting on the border line by BGP. But, BGP total denied about the Bangladeshi missing on the border, according to BGB official.

The BGB senior officers urged BGP officers to take action and to stop drugs and Yaba smuggling which have been affecting and destroying youths and societies of Bangladesh, said Lt. Col. Imran Ullah Sharkar, Cox’s Bazar Battalion Commander. “Every day, Yaba and drug entering to Bangladesh from Burma show, no action against the drugs and Yaba smuggling in Burma.”

At the end, the No. 1 area Commander Maung Maung Khin said, “We will start operation to stop drugs and Yaba smuggling and try to arrest smugglers.”

Twelve-member from Bangladesh was led by BGB Chittagong Battalion Commander, Brigadier General Mohammad Habibul Karim. The participants are—Cox’s Bazar BGB Battalion Commander Col. MM Anisur Rahaman, Lt. Col. Mohammad Hasan Morshid, Lt. Col. Imran Ullah Sharkar, Lt. Col. ARM Nasir Uddin Akram, Lt. Col. Mohammad Abuzar Al Jahid, Lt. Col. Shofiul Azam Parvez, Major Mahabub, Major Mohammad Aminul Islam and others, while a group of BGP members were also led by area No.1 Commander Maung Maung Khin, according to BGB officials.

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