Flag meeting held in Maungdaw

Teknaf, Bangladesh: A flag meeting was held between Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Border Guard Police (BGP) of Burma at the entry and exit point of Maungdaw town on February 7, Zakir Meah, a businessman from Maungdaw said.

Bangladeshi released prisoners with BGB and BGP in Maungdaw

BGB discussed with BGP in various issues for two hours including Yaba smuggling, human trafficking, Bangladeshi prisoners who have been languishing in Burmese jails and etc. according to BGB official.

Ten members of BGB were led by Major Abu Rasel Siddiqui, deputy commanding officer of Tekanf BGB Battalion No.2 while 12-member of BGP led by deputy commanding officer U Min Tin Aung, the BGB official more added.

BGB went to Maungdaw Town through the Teknaf land port at around 9:00 am and returned to back at noon, BGB officials more added.

After the meeting, the BGP officer handed over 3-Bangladeshi boatpeople (released prisoners) to BGB who had finished their jail terms.  On April 5, 2011, Burmese Naval forces arrested 86 boatpeople including the said three from the sea while they were going to Malaysia by the sea route. They were given sentences with different terms by the Burmese government, said Major Abu Rasel Siddiqui, deputy commanding officer of Tekanf BGB Battalion No.2

Many Bangladeshi people have been languishing in different jails of Burma, they will be brought to Bangladesh soon, Major Rasel further said.

Officer-in-Charge(OC), Mohammed Ataur Rahaman Kondakar said, the released Bangladeshis prisoners will be handed over to their relatives within short time.

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