House gutted in fire at Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A house was gutted and burnt down completely by accidentally at Maungdaw on December 30, at about 6:00am, Arakan State, Burma, said Khasem from Bawli Bazar.
The house owner is Ali Hussain (60), son of Abul Karim, hailed from Shuna Ali Para (village) of Maungdaw Township, he more added.

In the fire, three persons were wounded— Ali Hussain, his daughter-in- law Ms. Hazera (22) and his son Abdul Hakim (25).

A group of police from Bawli Bazar camp went to the village in the morning and asked questions from villagers and observed the situation of the fire victims, said another villager named Keramat Ali.

Nevertheless, the police brought Ms. Halima Khatun (40), wife of Ali Hussain to their camp and detained there in place of husband as he was wounded in the fire, Ali said.

The police demand Kyat 500,000 for her release, but the victim was not able to pay the demanded money immediately because of poor family. In Burma, there is a law, fire victims are to be fined instead of giving helps, Rashid, an elder and trader from the village said.

However, on January 2, she was set free after giving Kyat 500,000. The villagers voluntarily helped this money for the fire victims, Rashid more added.

At present, the fire victims are depending on villagers and lost about two million Kyats, according to  Ismail, a local businessman.

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