Donated food items misused

United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) and World Food Program (WFP) donated food items -biscuits – for students were misused by Head Mistress since last four months, according to Rakib, a local elder from the locality.
Head Mistress Ms.Way Way of Maung Nama Nama receives biscuits for schools – two  Government Primary schools – from UNICEF and WFP and  to provides to the primary students,  Rakib said.

Teachers from schools have been regularly distributing food items (biscuits) among the school children since four months ago. But, since last four months, the Head Mistress stop distributing biscuits to the school children and kept the item in Aung Min Gala Rakhine village and some of them were provides to Rakhine villagers by her, said Zaker, an elder from the locality. “The biscuits are donated only for Maung Nama two Government Primary schools’ children, not for other.”

Therefore, the villagers of Maung Nama village Tract have requested to concerned authorities to check the distributing biscuits among the school children – Rohingya children, a local elder of the locality said on condition of anonymity.

A father of a student told the Kaladan Press Network (KPN), “We face problems with Rakhine teachers, but we don’t dare to appraise against them.”

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