Battalion Level flag meeting held in Bangladesh-Burma border

Naikonchari, Bangladesh: A Battalion level flag meeting was held between Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) at pillar No. 50 of Bangladesh-Burma border on January 5, Kashim Uddin, a local from Naikoncahri said.
The flag meeting was held regarding the border issues of two countries and the BGB members gave seven points proposals to (BGP) for working together at Bangladesh-Burma border, according to BGB officials.

The seven points proposals are:- to keep firing off in border areas;  unnecessary patrol in border areas; border pillars performing surveys; both countries conduct joint patrols; regular information exchange between two forces; to prevent smuggling and Rohingya penetration and  to return three Bangladesh who have been missing in border areas in December 14-15 and September 24, 2014, BGB officials more added.

In the meeting, from Bangladesh side, 11-member of BGB was led by BGB officer Lt. Col. Mohammed Hasan Morshid of Battalion No. 31 while seven BGP members were led by Commander Lt Col Saw Theza, the Commander of BGP area number one.

Both sides have agreed to carry out properly the agenda along the Bangladesh-Burma border, BGP sources said.

The BGP officer said in the meeting, “We will work together in border areas and to be kept good communication each other.”

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