Rohingyas barred to enter Bangladesh

The Bangladesh government barred Rohingya community from Arakan Burma to enter Bangladesh with border trade passes this year who want to participate in Bishwa Ijtema (World Muslims gathering) due to security reason, Kadir Hossain, a local trader from Teknaf said.
More than 200- Rohingya arrived in Teknaf land port with border trade passes two days ago, but they were not allowed to go to Dhaka and sent back to Maungdaw, Arakan State through the Teknaf land port, Mohammed Abul Hossaind, a government officer from Teknaf land port said.

The concerned authority of Bangladesh had already informed to the immigration department of Maungdaw earlier that Rohingya wouldn’t be allowed to join the Bishwa Ijtema (Dhaka) this year because of security reason, the officer more added.

On January 6, over 80 Rohingya Muslims again arrived in Teknaf land port with border trade passes, but they were not allowed to enter Bangladesh to  joint Ijtmea. They were also sent back to Burma, according to sources of land port.

The sources also said that businessmen and patients are being allowed to enter the Bangladesh.

A Rohingya told from Arakan to the Kaladan Press Network (KPN), “I am very eager to participate in the Bishwa Ijtema this year but I can’t.”

Thousands of Muslims have started congregating (Ijtema) on the bank of the Turag River in Tongi, Dhaka for three-day Bishwa Ijtema that will be started Jaunary 8, said Hakim from Dhaka.

Tabligh Jamaat (religious program) has been organizing Bishwa Ijtema, also called the World Muslims’ Congregation; it has been performing in Bangladesh since 1946.

However, Bangladesh has been giving tight security along the Bangladesh-Burma border areas, according to BGB officials

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