Pneumonia and fever spread in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Pneumonia and fever have been spreading in Maungdaw south as hefty cold weather swept the area since the starting of New Year January 2016, Mohin a Rohingya well-wisher said.
Most of the afflicted are elderly villagers and children under the age of five and also they are being treated by local quack doctors, he said.

On January 2, two old women died with pneumonia, cough and fever in Khonzabill village of Aley Than Kyaw village Tract under the Maungdaw Township, said a relative of a victim.

The deceased were identified as— Ms Nur Jahan (60), wife of Abu Shama and Ms Naswa Khatun (55), wife of Motiur Rahman, hailed from Khonzabill village of Maungdaw south..

The relative also said that suddenly, Nur Jahan suffered from fever along with cough on January 1, while the weather was very cold. However, the next day, on January 2, she passed away.

Similarly, some of the patients namely— Abdu Jalil (50), Sayedur Rhaman (75), Ziaur Rahaman (45), and Salamat (40) of Khonzabill village—, have been suffering from fever. They had been taken to government hospital of Aley Than Kyaw, but they didn’t get proper treatment there and they had given only some tablets and backed their homes, the same day, a worker from Aley Than Kyaw hospital said on condition of anonymity.

At present, mostly people including children are suffering from pneumonia, fever and cough in the localities because of bad weather, he more said.

Regarding the matter, the government doesn’t take any action against the diseases; a local elder said who did not mention his name.

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