Burmese army march to Burma- Bangladesh Border

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Burmese armies have been marching along to Burma- Bangladesh border since January 1, and firing small guns and heavy guns recklessly at the border, said Mogul from Maungdaw north.
Since January 1, every day, Burmese soldiers have been marching to Burma-Bangladesh border with trucks carrying heavy guns and blind fired at pillar numbers 40, 46 and 47 to frighten the AA,  said an aide of military who did not want to disclose his name.

There was a fierce fighting between Burmese army and Arakan Army at Kyauktaw Township on December 27 and around 150 Burmese soldiers were killed and injured nearly 200. But, in AA side only one soldier was killed and three injured according to Dr. Nyo Tun Aung, vice–chairman of AA.

After the fighting, many Burmese armies have been deployed in that area (Kyauktaw) and are trying to crash the enemy, but Arakan Army retreated to the backside and resist the Burmese soldiers, Aung Than said.

However, the Burmese soldiers have been giving pressure to the Rakhine villagers, so that many Rakhine villagers ran away from their villages to avoid arrest, said a villager from Kyauktaw who did not mention his name.

Earlier on April 21, 2015, there was also a fierce fighting between Burmese army and Arakan Army (AA). This time also many Burmese soldiers were killed and injured. At that time, Burmese army gave acute harassment to the local Rakhine villagers and many were arrested on suspicion of having linked with Arakan Army.

An analyst of Burmese soldiers said firing at the Burmese-Bangladesh border is only to frighten the AA not to come to this border for entering Bangladesh when the AA is chased by Burmese soldiers.

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