More than 1.4 million Yaba seized in Buthidaung

Buthidaung township administration office, Drug Enforcement Agency and custom had seized more than 1.04 million Yaba tablets from a Rakhine woman who was coming with Akyab bound boat – Aung Thu Hinn – to Buthidaung on December 31, 2015, said an officer from Buthidaung who denied to be name.

Yaba in Aung Thu Hinn boat at Buthidaung jetty,  Photo: Police

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Arakan: An Un-decolonized Colonial Territory

By Aman Ullah

“Decolonization not only refers to the complete “removal of the domination of non-indigenous forces” within the geographical space and different institutions of the colonized, but it also refers to the “decolonizing of the mind” from the colonizer’s ideas that made the colonized seem inferior.”      Karl Hack (2008)

Arakan with an area of about 20000 square miles was long famous and widely known to Arabs, Dutch, Portuguese, and British traders as centre of international trade and commerce.  It is situated in the tri-border region between modern day – Burma, Bangladesh and India. Although it is made a part of Burma now, it had never been so in the past.
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