Rakhine youths torture Rohingya woodcutters in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Twelve Rakhine youths of Sommona village caught some Rohingya woodcutters and tortured them in the forests on December 26, while going to forests to collect firewood, Mohin, a Rohingya well-wisher from Aley Than Kyaw said.

On that day, at around 8:00 am, seven Rohingya villagers from Khonzabill village went to forests for collecting firewood and three of them were caught by Rakhine youths with lethal weapons and severally beaten up by them, he more added.

The three arrested victims were identified as— Abdul Amin (18), son of Mahason, Anayatullah (20), son of Bozzama and Rahamat Ullah (22), son of Bozzama—, hailed from Khonzabill village of Aley Than Kyaw village tract under the Maungdaw Township.

The Rakhine group caught three Rohingya woodcutters from the forests after hitting by catapults and four others managed to flee, according to villagers,

After arresting, the Rakhine youths seized woodcutters’ knives and severally tortured on the spot, the villagers more added.

However, later on, they were released and they are now taking treatment as privately in their village, said one of the relatives of a victim on condition of anonymity.

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