Flag meeting held in Burma-Bangladesh border

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh: Commander level flag meeting was held between Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) at Gumdum point of Bangladesh-Burma border December 23 at around 10:00 am, according to BGB official.
It was held over the matter of two Bangladeshi nationals who were killed and injured by bullet fire of BGP members at pillar number 46-47 of Asartali area of Naikoncahri on December 14-15, BGB official more added.

In the meeting, Burmese BGP forces denied that there were no events at border area at that time and they didn’t kill Bangladeshi nationals, according to sources,

Lt. Col. Shafiul Azam Parvez from Ramu Battalion No. 50 said, “We discussed with BGP only for our two Bangladeshis’ matter that were missing at border on above mentioned date. We were discussing for four hours, but the BGP didn’t admit about the event.”

However, BGP officer said that they will continue operation along the border and if they find any information regarding the matter they will inform to BGB members. Lt Col Shafiul more added.

At the end of the meeting, Commander Saw Theza, the officer of BGP branch number 1 said, “We do not know anything about the incident. The investigations will be going on and we will try to find out the bodies as early as possible,” said an aide of BGP.

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