Tension along Burma- Bangladesh Border

Bandarban, Bangladesh:   Bangladesh has lodged a protest with Burma over what it called unprovoked attacked against its local villagers by its neighbor security forces on December 14 and 15 as one Bangladeshis was killed and another one was injured, according to a man named Noor Khobir.
On December 14, at about 8:00 am, a Bangladeshi grocery shopkeeper named Janail Abadin (20), was shot dead by BGP ( Burma Border Guard Police) at Pillar No. 47-48 of Bangladesh- Burma border when going to bring timbers along with two other coworkers.  The dead body was taken away by the Burma BGP forces and so far they did not returned the dead body to Bangladesh.

The following day (December 15), the BGP also shot another Bangladeshi villager at the same place while he was going there to collect firewood, but, he got injured. That time, the BGP also took away the injured man, from the border area, according to a BGB aide from border area.

Regarding the events, the BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) frequently asked the Burmese BGP to hold flag meeting, but the BGP did not give any response, so it caused, BGB very angry, the BGB aide more added.

As a result, from Bangladesh side, Bangladesh deployed army at Bangladesh-Burma border and the Burmese government also deployed army along the Burma- Bangladesh border as retaliation. Therefore, Burma–Bangladesh border has become tension.

However, yesterday morning, Burmese Ambassador U Myint Oo Min was called to Foreign Ministry of Dhaka and handed over a letter regarding the events, according to a local newspaper.

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