BGP kills Bangladeshi at Burma-Bangladesh border

Naikonchari, Bangladesh: A Bangladeshi grocery shopkeeper was shot dead by Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) between border pillar number 47-48 of Bangladesh-Burma border on December 14, at about 8:00 am, Juhar, a local from Naikong Chari, Bandarban District said. The victim has been identified as— Janial Abadin (20), son of Mohamed Hussain, hailed from Asattali area of Naikhon Chari. The victim was also accompanied by two other villagers namely Nurul Amin (Bottu) (25) and Aman Ullah (23), hailed from the same area, Juhar more added.

The said three persons went to no-man lands to bring timbers December 14, morning while a group of BGP members followed and fired six rounds of bullets to them. However, Janial Abadin was hit by the bullet and died on the spot but the two others were managed to flee.  Occasionally, they (Bnagladeshi) trade timbers from border areas, according to local villagers.

Afterwards, the BGP members entered the Bangladesh territory and brought the dead body to Burma side. The fleeing two men immediately went to Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) camp and informed the accident, said one of the fleeing men Aman Ullah.

The family members don’t know whereabouts the dead body is being kept by BGP. Therefore, the family members of the victim requested to the BGB members to help in getting the dead body, according to family sources.

A group of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) went to the spot and investigated the matter from local villagers, the BGB officer Lt. Col. Shafiul Parvez of Battalion No. 50 of Ramu said.

A village elder from Bangladesh side said, “Villagers hope the dead body will be returned after flag meeting between BGB and BGP.

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