Bangladeshi fishermen face difficulties to fish in the Naff River

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Bangladeshi fishermen are now facing many difficulties for fishing in the Naff River as the Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) disturbs them since December 12, Ahamed Meah, a local fisherman from Whykong said. Some fishermen from Whykong, Lambabill and Zimmon Khali villages of Bangladesh went to Naff River for fishing on December 12, at night and a group of BGP personnel tried to attack them but the fishermen ran away from the scene to avoid arrest, he more added.

According to Bangladeshi fishermen, they are not able to go to Naff River for fishing because of fear of arrest by BGP – frequently patrolling in the Burma-Bangladesh water territory (Naff River).

“BGP will harass – pick up and send to jail – us, if BGP meet any Bangladeshi fisherman in the Naff River,” the fishermen more added.

Noor Mohamed, an unregistered Rohingya refugee fisherman of Leda Camp (Tal) said, “I will not able to survive if I am not going to fish in the Naf River as we are not getting any support from any quarters.”

The Chairman Moulana  Nur Ahmed of Whykong village said, it is very important for Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) to investigate the recent happing and protect the fishermen who are going to fish in the Naf River.

However, some elder persons including Union Chairman of Whykong urge the BGB to solve the problem and to give protection the fishermen for recently happening in the Naf River.

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