BGP kills Bangladeshi at Burma-Bangladesh border

Naikonchari, Bangladesh: A Bangladeshi grocery shopkeeper was shot dead by Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) between border pillar number 47-48 of Bangladesh-Burma border on December 14, at about 8:00 am, Juhar, a local from Naikong Chari, Bandarban District said. Continue reading “BGP kills Bangladeshi at Burma-Bangladesh border”

Bangladeshi fishermen face difficulties to fish in the Naff River

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Bangladeshi fishermen are now facing many difficulties for fishing in the Naff River as the Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) disturbs them since December 12, Ahamed Meah, a local fisherman from Whykong said. Continue reading “Bangladeshi fishermen face difficulties to fish in the Naff River”

No justice for Rohingya in Arakan State

Maungdaw, Arakan State: There is no justice and no safety of Rohingyas in Arakan State, Burma as many Rohingya people were killed by the Burmese government and Rakhine extremists without giving any reason earlier but no action was taken against the culprits, said Monir from Buthidaung Town.  Continue reading “No justice for Rohingya in Arakan State”