BGP forcefully collecting money in the name of football tournament

Burma border guard police (BGP) forcefully collecting money from Rohingya villages under the areas of BGP through village admin officer in the name of football tournament which started since December 5, said Kafayat, a football player from Maungdaw.The BGP forcefully collecting 1000 kyat from a Rohingya family even the family is poor or widow and there are eight BGP areas in Maungdaw where BGP had gotten more thousands of kyats from Rohingya villages, Kafayat more said.

The football tournaments have been starting in Maungdaw Township under all BGP areas since December 5, said an officer from Maungdaw who denied to be named.

The BGP will not use the money they collected in their areas for tournament, it is just collecting money from Rohingya indirectly for them in the name of football tournament, the officer more said.

“It is indirectly extorting money from Rohingya community, even the BGP treat Rohingyas as foreigners and harassment on their daily life struggle,” Hamid, an elder from Maungdaw north said.

Football tournament was started between Shwe Zaar and Kyauk Lagaar villages in the field of Kyauk Legaar of BGP area No.6 on December 5, Hamid more said.

“It is difficult for me to pay the money as I am a poor and can’t able to feed my family,” said Forkir Ahmed from Maungdaw north.

Rohingya villagers are unhappy as they are persecuted by the concerned authorities on this time, the BGP personnel force us to participate in the football tournaments, Fokir more added

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