Village Admin officer blocks tidal water from entering shrimp projects

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The village Admin officer of Khonzabill village has been blocking tidal salt water from entering shrimp projects that is between Khonzabill and Udaung villages, Mohin, a well-wisher from Aley Than Kyaw said. Sayed Alam, the village Admin officer of Khonzabill along with more than 30 laborers has been starting to build a dam across a stream for shrimp projects since November 22 that is blocking tidal salted water from entering to other local villagers’ dam, Mohin more added.

According to villagers, there are about 40 fishing projects in the locality of Khonzabill and Udaung and those dams (fishing projects) will be damaged and dried up if the stream is blocked.

“It is necessary entering salt water into dams (fishing projects) from creek”, the villagers more added.

Abdu, an owner of a dam from Udaung said, “I am very sad as my fishing dam will be damaged  and if the tidal water can’t enter my dam, I will lose money.”

He also said that many fishing projects will be dried up in this season as the admin officer has been blocking the stream.

However, some owners of the fishing projects complained to the admin officer not to block the stream but the officer didn’t pay any attention.

Regarding the matter, the owners of the fishing projects to be appraised this problem to the concerned authority in future, another dam owner from Khonzabill village  said on condition of anonymity.

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