Rohingya refugees willing to go back home

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Rohingya refugees are willing to go back to Burma from Bangladesh but there is no safety and security of their lives in Arakan State, Burma, UNHCR said in a Press Conference on November 26, which was held at Cox’s Bazar.
The press conference was held in a restaurant of Cox’s Bazar town in Bangladesh. There is no life security; human rights and dignity for Rohingyas in Burma and the Burmese government does not give protection. As a result, Rohingyas are compelled to flee in neighboring countries to take shelter, UNHCR further said.

Over 32,000 registered Rohingya refugees have been living in Nayapara and Kutupalong registered refugee camps, now. They have been supported by UNHCR and Bangladesh since over two decades. Besides, over 50,000 refugees are living in Kutupalong unregistered camp and over 13,000 refugees are living in Leda (Tal), unregistered camp, sources said.

According to UHNCR officials, the UNHCR only gives supporting to the 32,000 registered Rohingya refugees, but other many Rohingya refugees are not getting any help from UNHCR and Bangladesh government.

Both of unregistered and official refugees want to return home, but the overall situation of Rohingya people is very critical in Burma, UNHCR officials more added.

When asked a refugee teacher, he said, “We will go back to Burma if we get our rights and citizenships like other ethnic groups.”

International Non-governmental Organization (INGO) said that Rohingyas don’t get any opportunity from Burmese government and also they can’t get education and health service. They are also restricted in movement, human rights and etc.

However, UNHCR and INGOs welcome Bangladesh that it gives shelter to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh as a neighboring country, INGO more added.

The officer of UNHCR Mr. Jhorn, Masia Darpu and Sarkar including other concerned authorities of Bangladesh participated in the press conference, according to sources.

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