Extortion resumed in Maungdaw after elections

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Burmese Border Guard Police (BGP) resumed extortion money from Rohingya travelers / passengers after historic elections who were going to Maungdaw Town from Maungdaw northern side for multi- purposes, said Shakib, an elder from Maungdaw north.
A group of Rohingya travelers were going to Maungdaw by mini bus, when the bus reached the BGP Headquarters gate, all the passengers had come down from bus to show their Travel documents – white card/ green light card or travel document to on duty officer at 11:00AM on November 13, Shakib added.

After looking their travel documents, the officer asked to pay 1000 kyat who hold the white cards and 500 kyats from other traveler who hold green light card and travel documents, Shakib more added.

The government had revoked white cards and replaced again the green light card to Rohingya, but most of the Rohingyas didn’t take the green light cards and holding the white cards still, using as document whenever they traveled, said a trader from Bawli Bazar who denied to be named.

The officers are taking advantage to extort mone from white cards using by Rohingya, the trader more said.

Besides, the same day, a group of BGP from Nari Bill camp, arrested two Rohingya youths on the road with mobile – using Burmese Sim card- while they were going out from Nari Bill village. After arrest, the BGP personnel, taking the Burmese SIM cards from the phone and put Bangladeshi SIM cards and then they were alleged that using the Bangladeshi SIM cards, said Jamir from the locality.

Moulvi Sayedul Islam (17), son of Mohamed Sultan was released after taking one million Kyat, but, another youth – Jaffar Hussain (30), son of Yosuf – is still detained in BGP camp, he more added.

Ahmed, a student said, “Huge money is extorted by BGP.”

We believe harassments and discriminations will be reduced after the November 8 elections, but nothing changes, according to Rohingya villagers from northern Arakan.

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