Breaking News: More Army in Maungdaw

10 trucks of army personnel arrived in Maungdaw on 31 October and deployed the army personnel to Maungdaw south and Myoma Kayoundan village of Maungdaw town, said Jaffer, an elder from Maungdaw.
“A Battalion of army personnel are already stationed in Myoma Kayoungdan village, but again more army personnel came to Maungdaw was unknown for public. Four trucks of army personnel are now stationed along the Maungdaw- Alay Thankyaw Highway – Nurullah para, Du Cheeyardan, Gawdu Sara and Du Nyaung Pin Gyi,” Jaffor more added.

The army are stationed only near the Rohingya villages of Maungdaw south and nobody know why the army station on this road, said Hamid, a village admin officer from Maungdaw south.

May be the government mobilized the army before the forthcoming November 8 election for their security. The reinforcement is for authority secret plan to check Rohingya villages which is going on every weekend. The authority used the army and police force to check the Rohingya villages. The army personnel surround the village and stand by on the road where the police entered to Rohingya home to check all their belonging – baggage, cupboard, locker, and boxes.   Nobody know what the police looking for and only seizing swords, knife, pickaxe, crowbar, pinch bar and etc..,said Anwer, an elder from Maungdaw.

The authority checked already Block 2, block 5, Myoma Kayoungdan, MaungNi, Ali Para, Hlatha village and recently checked the Shwezarr this week, Anwer said.

The police are checking for strangers, any document against the government, Bangladesh mobile, wealthy – stealing money, gold ornaments, looking for Yaba, Anwer more added.

All the police force from Maungdaw district went with their weapons to Border guard police headquarters on October 31 to test their weapons and changing other weapons, said an officer from Maungdaw who denied to be named.

This is a plan to destroy the Rohingya wealthy and harassing for leaving the Rohingya from their homeland, Anis Ullah, a teacher from Maungdaw.

“It looks, the government has a secret plan on Rohingya to drive out from Maungdaw district or to keep them only their villages without movement- open cage”, Anis said.

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