Speedy prisoners’ vehicle makes public panic in Maungdaw

The prisoners’ vehicle –transporting prisoners from Buthidaung jail to Maungdaw district justice court – drives speedy inside Maungdaw municipal area which makes public panic for fear of accident, said U Amman, an elder from Maungdaw.

When the prisoners’ vehicle entered Maungdaw with two police escort vans -front and back – speed up the vehicle which made the people and other vehicles, rickshaws to go roadside and people become panic and faced so many problems, Amman said.

The prisoners’ vehicle entered Maungdaw like a VIP vehicle where the escort police personnel blew whistles made public strange and student were going to school and people were on the road. The city dwellers requested the security police to drive slowly for student and public, but the police didn’t care to them, said U Nur Alam, a parent of student.

Prisoners’ vehicle entered into Maungdaw on 9:30 AM morning and leaving Maungdaw on 4:00 PM evening. Only one jail in Maungdaw district and it situated at Buthidaung.

Mohamed Faisal (20), son of Lalu, hailed from Guna village under Shwezarr village tract drove his brother – Mohamed Ayas (30)- vehicle SUV on the road near the Clock tower on October 6, at 4:00PM. He drove the SUV slowly for vehicles and rickshaws in front of him, at that time prisoners’ vehicle and police escort vans arrived near the Clock tower, Faisal can’t able to go roadside quickly. The escort police come down from their vans and pulled Faisal from his SUV and beating till he became unconscious. The police put him in their van and kept him at Three-mile gate custody under Maungdaw Township, said local from Clock tower and Faisal’s relative.

The Faisal’s SUV was towed to Maungdaw police station by Maungdaw police personnel and traffic police.

The city dwellers angry and opposed for police force behavior –beating and tortured – on Mohamed Faisal.

But, Mohamed Faisal was released on October 7, at 4:00PM evening after taking 800,000kyat.

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