Army deployed for security in Maungdaw south

Rohingya villagers from Maungdaw south had seen Army personnel in group along the Aley Than Kyaw- Tha Win Chang highway and east side of highway road on October 5, at morning, Hussain, a village headman from Aley Than Kyaw said.
mawsouth Local people had seen 4-5 army personnel in a group in different place of Aley Than Kyaw, Kan PU ( Khonzabill), Oo daung, Tha Pay Taw, Gawra khali, Myint Hlut and other areas, army deployment is to give security of their high level officers coming from Akyab and no movement of Rohingya villagers in these areas, Hussein said.

The army deployment were continuous till night yesterday. Of them, some were replaced from the groups during the lunch time and others army personnel came and took position on the road, round up the villages. But, they didn’t do anything against the villagers, Islam, a village admin office member from Tha pay Taw.

Today, the army activities were not seen on the road and other place near the villages as the high level army officers move early morning to Maungdaw to receive their high commander will arrive morning to Maungdaw by helicopter,  Hamid, an ex-school teacher from the areas.

The high army officers had land its helicopter at Taman Thar and visited the areas of pillar number 52, 53 and 54, using Rohingya vehicles as a requisition,  no fuel, no foods for vehicle and drivers, Ayub, a  student from the areas.

The movement of army in Maungdaw south and police surprise searching Rohingya village of Fayazi in town are like a pre-plan to harass and scare the inhabitants so that they would leave their homes, said Ayub.

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