Toll collect from Rohingya while traveling inside Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan:  Burma’s Border Guard Police (BGP) collected tolls from Rohingya community from Maungdaw Northside – going to and from Maungdaw municipal areas for marketing or other purposes, starting from October 1, 2015, said Ali Ahmed, one of the passengers who had paid money for travel.  All the people from Maungdaw Northside have to cross the BGP headquarters’ gate while traveling to and from Maungdaw Town. BGP forced to pay tolls only Rohingya community when they are crossing the gate, Alis aid.

The Rohingya community has only getting out when the vehicle reach at the gate, the other community has no need to get down, Ali more added.

The BGP personnel from gate check all the documents- travel pass, light green card – issuing at last. The Rohingya need to carry the light green card for travel. But, the BGP forced to pay 500 kyat per each Rohingya travel whatever he had hold, said Hakim, a trader from this road.

A group of villagers, numbering in 20 from Maung Nama village tract went to Maungdaw Town after crossing the BGP headquarters gate on October 3. All the Rohingya have green cards, but BGP forced to them to pay 500 kyat each to cross the gate and to get permission to go to their journey, Kawlim Ullah, an elder from Maungnama village.

Beside, Rohingya from Maungdaw Township are forced to pay toll every bridges security box and on road security boxes, if you have all documents or not, said AbuTayub, ex-village admin officer from Maungdaw south.

Rohingya who want to travel to other areas- Buthidaung and Maungdaw market- had received  light green cards, but most of Rohingya are not taking the cards. The authority forced Rohingya community to take the light green card by giving them harassment and hardship in their survival, Abu Tayub said.

The Rohingyas are subjected to wide discrimination and restrictions in Burma even though living there for centuries, said Abu Tayub.

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