Breaking news: Maungdaw police suddenly checking Rohingya villages

Maungdaw district police office called all police force  from Maungdaw district – Maungdaw and Buthidaung- today and round up the Block number 2 ( Fayazi village) in the morning , said Amin, an elder  from the said village.
“More than 200 police personnel came to our village while all the male villagers went to the market for daily kitchen goods, only female were in the home.”

The police personnel in a group – 5 police personnel- entered the house one by one where the police asking the female to open the cupboard, tin boxes and asking knife, etc…, the police personnel throw everything from cupboard, tin boxes and lockers, some police pickup money in to their pockets, some police pickup gold ornaments and there was no limited for police, said Amina, a housewife from the said village.

The police didn’t give any reason for searching and there was no village/ block admin office officer together with them, Halim, a human rights watchdog from Maungdaw.

The police didn’t inform any village elder about their searching, the villagers were panic for suddenly checking their village, said Halim.

This is a new plan to harass and fear on authority, then to leave their home land, said a retired school teachers from Maungdaw.

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