Ferryboat workers stop to run border trade trip between Bangladesh and Burma

Ferryboat workers from Teknaf under border trade agreement between Bangladesh and Burma had stop its trip to Maungdaw on October 1 for harassed and severely beaten up by Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) without giving any reason, Abdul Karim from Teknaf Land port ferryboat owners association said.
“The ferryboat workers of Teknaf Land port carried businessmen to and from Bangladesh (Teknaf) and Burma (Maungdaw) every day with border business pass – full legal papers or documents- which agreed both countries.”

Mohamed Ismail (35) – boat master- went to Maungdaw from Teknaf Land port with some businessmen on September 29. After landing all the passengers at Maungdaw exit and entry point jetty, the boat anchored nearby jetty. But, a group of BGP entered the boat and started beating and kicking the boat master without giving any reason, according to the statement of Ismail.

The boat master got seriously injured and he is now admitted at Teknaf hospital. The victim lives at Borotoli village under Teknaf police station, statement more added.

Teknaf Land port ferryboat owners’ association members called indefinite strike to stop all their activities and stop going passengers to Burma until and unless getting the solution of the said event on October 1, according to Teknaf Land port authority.

The Burmese immigration police sent a letter to Teknaf land port authority on October 2 to solve the problem and also expressed their disappointment for the event, said Saiful Islam, Sub-inspector (SI) from Teknaf police station.

The Teknaf Land port ferryboat owners’ association members withdrew the strike after receiving information from Land port authority and Teknaf police station.

35 businessmen with three ferryboats went to Maungdaw from Teknaf land port on October 2 to make solution for future not to happen again like this, said the land port authority.

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