Block admin officer forces villagers to pay toll on animal of “Festival of the Sacrifice”

Yousuf-the admin officer of block number 2, Maungdaw forced the villagers who processed animal of “Festival of the Sacrifice” – Muslim Religious festival (Eid al –Adha)- to pay 3000 kyat per animal as toll for Township admin office on September 25, said Halim, a Human Rights Watchdog from Maungdaw.
No other block admin officers forced their villagers to pay this toll, but only Yousuf forced his villagers under block number 2, Halim said.

350 heads of cattle was registered to make sacrifice in block number 2, all the cattle were paid sale tax and municipal charged, said Hamid, a cattle sale tax collector from the cattle market from Maungdaw.

This Year Township admin office didn’t ordered to collect the toll from sacrifice animal owner, said an officer from township admin office who denied to be named. “Last year, our office collected 2000 kyat from sacrifice animal owner.”

Yousuf collected forcefully from villagers 1,050,000 kyat from block number 2, no other 5 block admin officers from Maungdaw municipal areas. Yousuf threaten villagers to stop to make sacrifice animal who denied to pay the toll, said Hamid, village elder from Block number 2.

In Maungdaw Township, there are 6 block admin officers and Maungdaw sub town – TaungPyo has 5 block admin officers. In Maungdaw township, 98 village tracts and village admin officers. None of block or village admin officer had collect toll from sacrifice animal this year, Mohamed Rafique, a school teacher from Maungdaw Township.

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