No life security in Leda unregistered Rohingya refugee camp

Again robbery was committed on September 22, in the Leda unregistered Rohingya refugee camp is ringing alarm no life security for Rohingya refugee, said Kasim , a refugee leader from the camp.
“The leda unregistered refugee camp is under the Teknaf police station. The robbery was committed on September 22 at around 2:00 am and wounded 13 refugees including one police man.”

The wounded refugees have been identified as— Toyub (26), Block-D; Md. Kasim(40), Block-D; Shabbir (30), Block-E; Md. Hussain (17), Block-D; Azizur Rahaman (45), Block-C; Jamal (30), Block-D; Boshir (35), Block-D; Mohamed Ullah (15), Block-E; Mohibullah (25), Block-E; Md. Salam (26), Block-A and Shamsul Alam (35), Block-B. They all belong to Leda unregistered Rohingya refugee camp, Kasim more added.

A group of 20 to 25 robbers with arms covering their face with masks entered the refugee camp on September 22 at night around 2:00 am. After entering into the camp, they arrested three refugee guards from gate of the camp and tied with ropes. But, luckily, one of the guards managed to escape, according to refugees.

After escaping, he screamed for help and the refugees rushed to the spot where the robbers tried to stop to crowd people by open firing. The robbers fired around 10-12 bullets, refugees more added.

Meanwhile, a group of tour round police personnel from Teknaf, heard the noises, screamed of the refugees; they rushed to the spot by giving signal sound from their vehicle. Sensing the presence of the police, the robbers ran away from the scene. But, a police constable was also wounded in exchange firing of robbers and police, Mohamed, another refugee leader said.

The wounded refugees were sent to Teknaf hospital for the medical treatment, of them three are serious, said ASI Khairul Alam, a police of officer of Teknaf police station.

Earlier, on September 12 and on July 8, there were robberies at Leda unregistered Rohingya refugee camp committed by local robbers.

There are more than 13,000 unregistered Rohingyas are living in camp. They do not get any relief from any quarter. But, they only get shelter, health care, a therapeutic feeding center accessing to clean water from IMO, Salim said.

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