Sixteen Bangladeshi prisoners return home from Burma

Teknaf, Bangladesh:  Sixteen Bangladeshi prisoners returned home from Burma on September 17 after finishing their jail terms, Absar, a local from Teknaf Town said. A flag meeting was held between Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Burma Border Guard Police (BGP) at Maungdaw on September 17 and discussed various issues of Burma-Bangladesh border for half an hour, according to BGB official.

From Bangladesh sides, 17-member from Teknaf BGB Battalion No. 42 participated in the flag meeting while 16-member of BGP from Maungdaw, Burma, the official more added.

After the meeting, 16 Bangladeshi nationals were handed over to Border Guard Bangladesh by BGP as they had finished their jail terms.

They were jailed for illegal entry of Burma while they were trying to travel to Malaysia by shaky boat from Bangladesh. They were arrested by Burmese authorities while stranding at Burma territorial waters, a released prisoner Jangir said.

He more said that many Bangladeshi boatpeople including fishermen and woodcutters have been languishing in Burmese jail.

However, BGB handed over the released prisoners to Teknaf police station for further investigations and then they (prisoners) will be sent to their destinations by police, according to police report.

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