Local goons commit robbery against refugees in Leda camp

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Local goons have robbed the Rohingya Refugees from Leda camp (Tal), said a refugee leader named Jakir, from Leda camp.A group of local goons entered the Leda camp and robbed a refugee family of Jaffor Ullah, 32, Block D, Shed # 160, on September 12, at night, he said.

According to a relative of Jaffor, some robbers entered the hut of Jaffor after breaking the door and then they tied up all family members with ropes and kept them in a room. The family members were beaten up because of screaming for help.

The local goons took a way—some money, ornaments and others of the family members, the relative more added.

We can’t sleep well at night because of fear of robbery by local goons, said Motalap, a refugee committee member.

More than 13,000 Rohingya refugees have been living in Leda camp (Tal) since 2008 without getting any supporting from UNHCR and Bangladesh authority. The camp only receive the healthcare. It is 3.5 kilometer far away from Nayapara refugee camp, established nearby a mountain and there is no security force provided by government, the committee member further said.

Besides, a robbery was committed at Leda camp by local goons on July 8,   and wounded 8-refugee including two minor boys and a woman, said Hakim, a refugee leader from the camp.

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