Two traffic laws for two communities in Maungdaw

Police officer Thaung Htay, head of Maungdaw district traffic police station is using traffic law into two depend on community since first week of September, according to Halim, a Human Rights Watchdog from Maungdaw.
Police officer Thaung Htay used the traffic law on the ground into two – for Rkhine community it is warning and for Rohingya community it is fine, Halim said.

Recently, there are 60 vehicles, which are not registered and under ceasefire process vehicles in Maungdaw district. 40 vehicles owned by Rakhine community and 20 vehicles owned by Rohingya community, said a traffic officer who denied to be named.

When the vehicles reached at Maungdaw, police officer Thaung Htay took 400,000 kyats each from only 20 vehicles owned by Rohingya and no money was collected from 40 vehicles owned by Rakhine. Now again Officer Thaung Htay again asking 100,000 kyat each from Rohingya owned vehicles. Also no money from Rakhine owned 40 vehicles, said the traffic officer.

The collection is within frame of law, why the officer Thaung Htay not collect from Rakhine owned 40 vehicles, said a Rohingya who owned a vehicle, denied to be named.

Beside, Officer Thaung Htay collected 20,000kyat each from 100 motorcycles since 1st week of September. The motorcycles are owned to Rohingya community, but when the officer met with Rakhine motorists, he only gave warming to them, said Haroon, an owner of motorcycle.

On the other hand, Officer Thaung Htay sent 20 motorcycles to Maungdaw court for violation of traffic law where the owners had spent 15,000 kyat each in the court to release the cycles, said Anis, a trader from Maungdaw.

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