Police Seize 21 Rohingya Motorcycles in Maungdaw

Police seized 21 motorcycles belonging to Rohingyas travelling to and from Maungdaw Town, Arakan State on 7 August because the drivers allegedly did not have the necessary documents according to Shamim, a local elder.
According to a trader from Maungdaw the police from Maungdaw Town were stopping Rohingyas’ motorcycles and demanding to see their documents throughout the day on 7 August. Even if drivers could produce the necessary documents the police would find some sort of fault with the documents, which enabled them to confiscate all the bikes. The police also humiliated some of the motorcycle drivers.

One of the victims said that the police confiscated his bike and were still holding it, despite him presenting valid documents and a valid driving license.

One of the motorcycle drivers, on condition of anonymity said: “It is a deliberate action against Rohingya bikers.”

A local elder said that confiscating the motorcycles was a ploy to destroy the morale of the younger generation of Rohingyas as most of the drivers who had their motorcycles confiscated were youths.

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