Burmese cattle enter Bangladesh ahead of Qurbani

Huge Burmese cattle have been coming to Bangladesh with trawlers from Burma through Shapuri Dip corridor a head of Qurban (Eid-ul-Azah) by cattle traders, said Habi Ullah from Shapuri Dip.
‘’On August 19, in the morning, over 400 Burmese cattle were brought to Shapuri Dip, Bangladesh from Burma by trawlers. If the cows trading be continued till Eid- ul- Azah, it will be good for Bangladeshi people.’’

Bangladesh government get revenue from these cattle and collects Tk 500 as tax per head, said a source of BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh).

At present, Coming Burmese cattle is less than last year and no sheds to keep, no processing program for banking and custom to handle this cattle in Bangladesh, said Mohamed Shafi, a cattle trader from Teknaf.

Cattle trading is just started and we want all businessmen to join in the cattle business where Bangladesh will receive, said Teknaf custom super Humayun Kabir.

The central government of India issued an order to BSF (Border Security Force of India) to stop cattle smuggling to Bangladesh and should not be allowed to cross over to Bangladesh both in formal (export) and in informal (smuggling) ways on April, 2015. It causes beef price high in Bangladesh.

As a result, Bangladesh government has been trying to overcome the high price of beef and shortage of cows by importing cattle from Burma, said a local trader Kasim.

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