Breaking News: Maungdaw authority stop Rohingya movement

Maungdaw authority – Burma Border Guard Police (BGP), Police and Immigration- are stopping Rohingya movement today within the areas, said Halim, a Human Rights Watchdog from Maungdaw.
The BGP from its Headquarters started stopping Rohingya who are traveling to Maungdaw or from Maungdaw to Maungdaw north today early morning. The BGP personnel are giving instruction not traveling without Greenlight card. The BGP personnel sent back Rohingya who reach at the main gate of BGP headquarters without holding Greenlight cards, Halim more added.

The authority are forcing Rohingya community to join the Greenlight card processing program as the Rohingya refused to join the program as it mention the Rohingya are Bengali and need to apply citizenship as a foreigner. Rohingya are living in this place since long (decade) ago and had National Identity Card which was taken by government giving false promise – to replace the Pink color card. But, later issued White card and then government again revoked it and giving a receipt of white card, said  Anwer, a local leader from Maungdaw.

Now, the authority are trying to tight the movement of Rohingya to compel to join the Greenlight Card processing program. If The Rohingya are not able to move one place to another, how they survive for their family, Anwer said.

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