Authority harass Rohingya for Greenlight Card process in Maungdaw

Maungdaw authority- Border guard police, police, Military intelligent, Special Branch and local administration officer- are harassing Rohingya elders  in Aley Than Kya (Hashurata)  since August 9 for refusing to join Greenlight Card process, said Halim, a Human Rights Watchdog from Maungdaw.
Burma border guard police director Tin Ko Ko and district Immigration officer Thaung Myime went to Alay Than Kyaw on August 8, called a public meeting where they (Tin Ko Ko and Thaung Myime) forced to Rohingya elders who attend the meeting to apply for Greenlight card process which mean to apply for citizenship, said Halim.

We already applied for citizenship on 1992 when government called to apply for Citizen (Pink color) card and why again to apply for Greenlight card. We are not Bangladeshi. We are Rohingya and living here for long time (decade) ago. We had National Identity Card  before which government had taken with false promise – replace with Pink color card (Citizen Card), but issued with white card. Then the white card was again revoked and issuing a receipt for White Card. Now again, you are asking us to apply for Greenlight card to apply for citizen. We don’t want to do this, said one of the Rohingya elders who attend the meeting.

After replied to BGP director and Immigration officer, the both officers didn’t give any replied to Rohingya elders and leaved the meeting place. At the meeting, 20 Rohingya elders including Adul Amin participated, the elders told.

But, after meeting, next day, the Maungdaw official ordered to all forces to search and arrest the Rohingya elders who attend the meeting on August 8.  All the departments from Alay Than Kyaw, Maungdaw south, after sunset, went to the residents of Rohingya elders to arrest and pressuring Rohingya to apply Greenlight Card processing program, said Hamid, a student from the areas.

All the elders from Alay Than Kyaw areas are now hiding from fearing of arrest by authority, Hamid more said.

The Rohingya community in Maungdaw are facing hardship for their survival after cyclone Koman, but, the authority are forcing them to join the processing of Greenlight Card program. If, denied to join they were arresting and harassing. The Rohingya community will face the authority pressured to join the Greenlight Card process or  to over turned the hardship of cyclone Koman destroyed, said Amin, a businessmen from Maungdaw.

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