UNHCR distributes household items to flood victims in Maungdaw

UNHCR had distributed five items of household goods to flood victims in Maungdaw since August 7, according to flood victims from Maungdaw.
UNHCR distributed one set of glass, two dish pots, one mosquitos net, one mat and one plastic sheet, said Anwer from Bomu Para from Maungdaw.

“I need foods for my family, not household items. My family are starving since last two days,” Anwer said.

I am a rickshaw puller and now I can’t work on the road as all the roads were damage and all the people are facing same as me.

Most of the Rohingyas need foodstuff as  all become starvation after water entered to their home and lost all the foodstuff which they had stored, said Jangir, a local leader from Padin village.

The authority are also not giving any aids to Rohingyas’ village, only we received from our community foodstuff whatever they can give us. The UNHCR only visit the fields three days a week, another four days the UNHCR staffs stay in their office. How the UNHCR know what the people need, said Jangir.

The people need a shelter for staying as their house was damage by heavy winds and high tide seawater and foods to save our lives. No one come to us to give any help,  Jangir more added.

Today, Trade Association of Maungdaw are selling rice 22,000 kyats per 50 Kgs sack, which is selling same price in the local market, said an officer from Maungdaw.

This is a plan of local authority to show the people that the authority had distribute rice to the victims. The record will show tomorrow when a high level officer visit to the town.

The Rohingya people who are day labors, didn’t able to buy the rice from local market as they can’t get any jobs after cyclone Koman. How they buy rice from Trade Association or local market?, said Hamid , a school teacher from Maungdaw.

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