Heavy rains destroy paddy seedlings and bridges in Maungdaw south

Maungdaw, Arakan State: In Maungdaw south, people have been facing difficulties in traveling and finding food since June 26, after destroying bridges and paddy seedlings by heavy rains and high tides, Jaker, a villager from Maungdaw south said.
“The heavy rains and high tides destroyed roads, homes, shrimp farms, and paddy seedlings.”

According to villagers, the bridges of Gawyah Khali,Shara Para (Pa Nyaung Pingyi), Kila Dong ( Du Chee Yartan) and others under the Burmese Border Guard Police (BGP) area No. 8, were damaged by heavy rains and high tide water. The villagers have to cross the rivers and small streams by row boats with high tolls.

“The villagers have to pay Kyat 1,000 to cross the river with goods, but a single man has to pay Kyat 100 to row boat,” Hasan from the village said.

There is a new road which was built recently and it is good for travel, but the authority is not allowing  to use for Rohingya community and their vehicles, Hasson more added.

According to sources, the local authority has not taken any step to build the bridge of Gora Khali and others, so far.

A daily labor told the Kaladan Press Network on condition of anonymity, “We are now facing starving because of works scarcity in the areas.”

Many poor people are also suffering from their survival as they are not able to go to work sites for their works, said another farmer.

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