Heavy rains and food shortages in unofficial camps

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Heavy monsoon rains have caused widespread destruction in Teknaf region and with more misery affected on the lives of thousands of Rohingyas in Leda (Tal) and Kutupalong makeshift camps and facing food shortages, according to a refugee leader named Salim from Leda camp.  Heavy rains have affected in unofficial camps of Leda and Kutupalong. The Leda makeshift has 13,000 refugees and about 50,000 refugees are living in Kutupalong makeshift camp. The refugees have been struggling to keep themselves safe from the torrential rain. Despite these efforts, many roofs have torn and are facing many difficulties.
Over the weekend, further disaster struck in Leda and Kutupalong camps where food shortages have led to many of the Rohingya Muslims fasting without food or clean water.

During the flood and heavy rains, refugees are not able to go to outside for working for their survival, a refugee Anas from Kutupalong makeshift camp said.

In the area of Cox’s Bazar district, mostly vegetable fields, houses of locals and paddy seedlings had already been washed by the heavy rains and flood. So, Rohingya refugees have no works in local areas and are facing to support their family members, he more added.

Earlier, Muslim Aids UK provided basic medical treatment and hygienic program to the refugees in Leda camp, but it left the camp after their MOU expired. The refugees did not get any ration from any quarter.

A NGO named the Institute of Migration (IOM) has been working occasionally in the Leda camp, but without a stable effort the worsening monsoon rains and the start of severe food shortages are set to continue with many lives at risk.

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