Rohingya and Responsibility to protection

By Aman Ullah

“The Rohingya have been subject to stigmatisation, harassment, isolation, and systematic weakening. The Rohingya are faced with only two options: stay and face annihilation, or flee” : Professor Penny Green of Queen Mary University of London
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Heavy rains and food shortages in unofficial camps

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Heavy monsoon rains have caused widespread destruction in Teknaf region and with more misery affected on the lives of thousands of Rohingyas in Leda (Tal) and Kutupalong makeshift camps and facing food shortages, according to a refugee leader named Salim from Leda camp.  Continue reading “Heavy rains and food shortages in unofficial camps”

Buddhist monk arrested with Yaba in Bandarban

Bandarban, Bangladesh: A Buddhist monk was arrested with Yaba by NSI (National Security Intelligence) and DB (Detective Branch) police yesterday in the evening from a residential hotel of Bandarban, according to Aziz, our correspondent. Continue reading “Buddhist monk arrested with Yaba in Bandarban”