BGP to release Nayeek Razzak if Bangladesh takes 544 boat-people

Teknaf, Bangladesh: The Burmese Border Guard Police (BGP) will release Nayeek Abdur Razzak who was abducted by BGP on June 17, if the Bangladesh Government receives the 544 boat-people who are now being provided shelter in Maungdaw Township, the BGB Battalion No.42 Commander Lt Col Abu Zar Al Zahid said.
BGB-personnel--in-BGP-camp-01 “Since June 17, the BGB has been urging the Burmese Border Guard Police (BGP) to hold flag meeting to release Nayeek Razzak, but the Burmese authority is unwilling as they are giving the reason that they are busy for the repatriation of rescued boat-people. They have no time for flag meeting.  After repatriation of 544 boat-people, they will talk with us regarding the Nayeek Razzak.”

When Bangladesh asked about the releasing of Razzak, Burmese authority told the Bangladesh authority to take the remaining boat-people who were rescued on May 29 in Andaman Sea. If BGB takes 544 boat-people out of 734 as Bangladeshi nationals, BGP will hold meeting with BGB regarding Nayeek Razza, said the BGB chief of Teknaf.

If the 544 boat-people will not be taken by Bangladesh government, the BGP will not release Nayeek Abdur Razaak.

Bangladesh is ready to take all its nationals (boat-people) from Myanmar after scrutinizing the list whether they are Bengalis or not.  Why the Myanmar tangles it (boat-people’s matter) with Nayeek Razzak incident, said a politician from Cox’s Bazar on condition of anonymity.
Myanmar BGP did not give us clear list of the boat-people yet, if we receive it, we will accept all the Bangladeshi people after clearing the list, the BGB chief of Teknaf added.

The BGP is trying to open case against the Nayeek Razzak and also they published photos of arrestee without discussing with us within less than a week. Myanmar authority breaks our border agreement of two countries. This makes our prestige lost, said the BGB official.

On June 21, at about 2:10 pm, the BGB Battalion No.42 Commander Lt Col Abu Zar Al Zahid of Teknaf contacted with BGP Commander of Maungdaw over phone and asked him about the release of Nayeek Razzak after holding flag meeting. But, the officer of BGP replied that he has no power to release Razzak until they get order from high level officer, according to a local Banglai Newspaper.

The BGB 42 Battalion Chief also said that the release of BGB Nayeek had been delayed by the Burmese government deliberately.
The Bangladesh government is unwilling to take anyone without verifying their identities first. Even after verification, Rohingyas who are being persecuted in Myanmar were found in the last group of trafficking victims brought in last week.

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