BGP’s arbitrary arrest and extortion in Maungda

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Recently, Border Guard Police (BGP) of Burma arbitrarily arrested Rohingyas, tortured and extorted money from villagers in Maungdaw Township, said a village Admin officer on condition of anonymity.
“On June 7, at about 12:30 am, a group of BGP numbering 15, with motor bikes from NgaKura BGP camp of Area No.5 of Maungdaw Township went to Kasari Bill (Auk Pruma) village and entered the house of Shamshu Alam (45), son of Abdul Hakim. Entering the house, they asked for family list to check and the wife of Shamshu gave family list to them. But, they did not find Shamshu Alam as he went to Maungdaw Town.”

As a result, the police arrested Abdul Hakim (85), father of Shamshu Alam, and two sons of Shamshu Alam namely Rafiqul Islam (22), and Faizal (18) and one Akter Hussain (15), son of Noor Hussaina, the friend of Faizal. The 4 arrested members and other family members were kept in two separate rooms and they were looting cash and other goods from the home.  But it is not known how much Kyats have been taken away, said Hamid (not real name) from the village.

The police severely tortured the arrested people in the yard of the house including 85 years old Abdul Hakim to see the family members. So the family members will quickly give money to release the arrested members, Hamid more added.

Subsequently, the police went to another house of Moulvi Jubair (55), son of late Moulvi Islam along with said arrested villagers. Entering the house, the police arrested Moulvi Jubair without giving any reason and the family members were kept out of the home. At this moment, the police put a SIM card of Bangladeshi in the house and then they are looting the house. They took away Kyat 5,000,000 and some gold ornaments. They alleged him using Bangladeshi Mobile SIM card, said a relative of Moulvi Jubair not giving the name.

The Moulvi was severely tortured in front of family members and brought to the BGP camp of Area No.5 of Maungdaw Township.

About 1:00am, while on the way to camp, the BGP fired six bullets into air, and the all arrestees were temporarily stopped on a bridge nearby the village and asked the arrestees to pay money for their released.

The Moulvi Jubair was released by paying Kyat 700,000/ and the four arrestees were also released after paying Kyat 300,000 on that night, said a close relative of the victim who refused to say his name.

Villagers are afraid of torture from BGP members, so they paid money without committing any crime. They have no alternative ways to choose, according to a local businessman preferring not to be named.

“BGP knows that they will get money from Rohingya community after providing them (arrestees) sever torture in front of the family members,” said a local youth on condition of anonymity.

One village elder said, “The BGP members give signal to the camp by firing as their operation was successful. It means that they discriminate the Rohingya villagers in planned way. ”

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