Authority harass Boatpeople in temporary camp in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  The concerned authority – look after the boat people in the temporary camp in Meetike and Taungpyo under Maungdaw Township – are harassing while they were performing  their religious duties and female boatpeople were threaten with pretending like ghost, according to Halim, a Human Rights watch dog from Maungdaw.
The security force who guarded the male boatpeople in Meetike are disturbing boatpeople while they were praying in the camp by throwing stone to them and bared to wear the cap, Halim more added.

Similarly, In Taungpyo where female boatpeople were kept are facing ghost movement at night, but it is actually the security guards pretending like ghost walk in the camp, so they can easily able to enter the shed which was lock inside,  said an elder  from the village who mention the persons went to prevent the ghost.

The boatpeople are not getting foods and medical assistant from the authority in both camps and the locals Rohingyas villagers are supplying foods for boatpeople, according to the villagers.

The authority bared the INGOs and UNHCR to visit the camps- especially to Meetike which was stationed near the fence and it was like jail of wire surrounding, said Halim. “The UNHCR is always blocked by authority when the official try to go to the camp to see the boatpeople or other Rohingya areas.”

Six boatpeople were missing from Meetike camp, but no one was aware for that. Yesterday, one Rohingya  from Du Cheyadan village was missed, no action was found in the camp, said sources from near village.

When contacted to the head of Maungdaw UNHCR office to know about the office was bared or not to visit to the boatpeople. But, officer denied to answer about.

The local people and activists are watching the boatpeople and the movement of UNHCR, about the boatpeople. But, they always saw, it was bared form authority. So, the local and activists are worried for boatpeople as they are Rohingyas and Bengali and thinking why the authority barred the UNHCR. It may be leaking their information of planning. The officers in the office didn’t want to work for boatpeople, said sources. “The information leaked through the administration office.”

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